What happens when I donate a book?

 Explore how our work and your kindness helps the children of Kenya gain access to books and provide them with a better chance to reach their potential.

When you donate a book, you are helping to give children in Kenya access to the resources they need to be educated.

This not only helps them learn to read and write, but it boosts their confidence, imagination and creativity - something we all take for granted.

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All donations end up in a 40ft shipping container!

We aim to send out a shipping container to Kenya at least once a year.


The container is kept on the lorry and many, many hands are needed to load it as fast as possible.

You need a bit of muscle here, but we also need help in looking after our volunteers, so if you can make the tea or bacon sandwiches and would be free in one day in June please contact us.

The shipping container is converted into a library, stocking all the books and other items it contained. It is also used by nearby schools for lessons.

Once the library is complete, it is maintained by local volunteers. Two of our more established libraries each have over 1,000 members and 250 visits per month!

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and .. 

Our support for our community partners never stops.

We maintain community engagement by hosting arts and crafts activities, Young Writer competitions, multi-activity days, reading activities, youth and volunteers training sessions.

Adults who could not speak English as well as their children are now fluent and some even return to adult education.

We truly empower our communities in Kenya. 

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See what TV presenter and writer Konnie Huq has to say about our project

Konnie explains how donating books helps to advance the literary skills of both adults and children in Kenya.