Saturday Clubbers

As a group activity our Saturday Clubbers meet on the first Saturday of every month.

Teas and biscuits are provided!

Arts & Crafts Boxes

A big part of our Kenyan children’s engagement is through art activities. You would be tasked with either designing an activity or helping to prepare the activity.

A home-based activity, we like to engage younger children to help us develop activities that children without prior experience can engage in.

Gift Bags

To entice adults to enter the very daunting yet colourful world of books, we give them a home-made cotton bag containing a book and a pencil or two.

Your task would be to make the bags. Most use their sewing machines.

Volunteers reuse their own material, but we can source the fabric for you if you need us to.

Item Collector & Promoter

You can organise your friends, family, school, or colleagues to collect books and other items we need.

You can take this opportunity to hand out leaflets or talk to groups about us. We will provide all the information you need.

Loading Help

Once every year we need help loading our Kenya-bound container. This typically happens in May or June.

We have 3 hours to complete the task, but have much fun over sandwiches, teas and cakes.

“I like to play. I like all the toys.” - Sule, age 5

“The library helped me get better at school.” - Aisha, age 16

“The children’s schoolwork is so much better now. The library is really helping.” - Teacher of Little Moon School

‘Fantastic way of making use of the spare books and textbooks, while giving others the opportunity to read. What could be better?’ - Steph

We welcome all volunteers and really do appreciate the time they all put in, so do get in touch if you would like to support us in any way.