November 26, 2017

Global Giving Campaign

Crowdfunding for new library

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The Malalani children in Kenya are eager for their library to arrive early in 2018. Little Children and Schools, clubs, charity shops and individuals all around UK have donated an amazing number of books and our Saturday Club volunteers worked tirelessly to get 25,000 of those books packed, catalogued and ready to be loaded onto the 40ft shipping container that will become the library.

All that is needed now is the money to buy the future library (the shipping container), transport the books to Kenya and buy the paint and the wood to transform the dreary container into a vibrant library and pay the welders to cut out the windows.

Please help us raise the £10,000 / US$15’000 we need to send 25’000 children’s books to Kenya and build them a Library by donating through our GlobalGiving Page and share the link with all your friends. Thank you.