April 11, 2017

Impact on Education

Impacting on education

Education is the key to progress, bettering ones life and giving rise to imagination – we help with all that.

Our two libraries (Dzunga and Chidzangoni) provide books and learning material to approximately 42 schools. The libraries also invite nearby schools to use the facilities for lessons, making sure children can use a variety of books.

Last summer we asked 21 school teachers whether they thought our libraries had any impact on their pupils. And this is what they said:

  • the reading abilities of the children that visit our libraries regularly have increased significantly;
  • the confidence of those children to read aloud has grown exponentially;
  • the grades for reading at final exams have improved dramatically; and
  • the composition and imagination when telling a story became more complex and developed.

We have also noticed that parents that were previously reluctant or unable to send their children (particularly girls) to school are now trying exceptionally hard to do so. Some of those girls who could not read or spell very well last year are now able to read with the best of them.

Adults who could not speak English as well as their children are now fluent and some return to adult education.

Teachers are often much more enthusiastic about teaching reading and English.