‘JBAC’s libraries and the joy they bring’, by Ann our long-term volunteer

“Momma Anna, Momma Anna” greets me as I turn up on a boda boda at Dzunga library. This greeting has evolved over time!  The children can’t wait to see what crafts I have and occasionally sweets or biscuits  (They never ask!).

The children thoroughly enjoy reading and for someone to listen to them read, and being read to. The toddlers love looking at the age appropriate books, also showing great imagination with toys (considering this is their first experience – usually it is sticks, mud and any discarded rubbish). Jigsaws intrigued and puzzled, but they soon got the idea. Bricks and duplo spurred their imagination. I cannot express how much joy this gives me to see the pleasure on the children’s (and the adults – who had never experienced books and crafts) faces, and knowing how much stimulation they are getting thanks to JBAC.

I facilitate and encourage the librarians to deliver the crafts sessions. They have learned much themselves from this experience and often have better ideas as to what to do with the resources. Omari is amazing with managing the children, running the library and exchanging ideas.

The children love taking the crafts home, the favourites being the edible – my birthday cake, iced biscuits and round coloured corn sticks threaded onto string. Many loom bands, crowns, paper chains, collage, paper flowers, binoculars, decorated lollipop sticks, paper plates and more.

However, it is quite difficult with limited resources, therefore seeing the crafts for the 2018 container should make things a lot easier. Especially the planned resource packs for each library with step by step instructions.

JBAC has brought much enjoyment and stimulation to both communities, through the library, playground and games. JBAC has offered something different and inspiring, which is having a positive impact on school and family life!

There is a wonderful atmosphere and community spirit when all the facilities are being used, especially in and around the playground, with the ladies practicing their dances, and the library being used by up to 50 children daily.


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