‘Libraries change communities’ says Salim

Libraries and playgrounds bringing people together

Salim, the senior librarian at Chidzangoni, our second library, said that the library and the playground changed the entire community. He went on to say that ‘the library gives the children somewhere to go, something to do and the parents say the children learn better too.’ The whole community benefits as the parents know where the children are and what they are doing. ‘the library has books and things to do for teenagers too and that is very good.’ as boredom leads to all sorts of mischief.

‘We have schools coming to our library for their lessons and the teachers always tell us how much all these books are helping.’

‘The playground is really well used too and we [the parents] love to watch our children play.’ ‘On behalf of the entire community, thank you, all of you, for making this happen for our children.

By Salim, the Senior Librarian at Chidzangoni.

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