Omari (our youngest librarian) runs a tight ship

Omari's very busy scheduleI [Omari] have been opening the library in the morning at 8to9 and close at evening at 4to5 im running the library in program because here children most thing they like is playing with toys art session so i decide to have a table for so we have each library activities

once in a week as you see on library progresstable the children are likingto cometo library on their free time like saturdays and sundays in school days but when school are closed there are at library all time  this is average number of children attending library activitiesin art 27 children in storytime is12 normal reading and more than 30 in playing with small amount of our toys average from january 2017 to sep many books have been retuned for this period of time 20 novels and 25 others and now library is abit full of books

and im really enjoy and having alot of fun with childrens i clean and tidy the library always an discipline the children if necessary


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