When I was asked to work with the Chidzangoni community to build our latest playground, I had no idea how it would go as it was the first project I was to do without L, our trustee. Well, what I got was nothing short of amazing.

I learned that so much can be accomplished by a small group that concentrates its energy on a single goal. Ours was to bring the long awaited playground to the children of Chizangoni community. Our librarians were present throughout the exercise and a few hours later, it was all there. Ready to be ambushed by the eager and excited children. The weather was not merciful as we worked under the scorching sun but that didn’t hold us back.

From this project, we all learnt a lot about teamwork, co-operation and most importantly the Dos and Don’ts (as you see one swing is missing already) about playgrounds and children. Despite the fact that we really had to put our backs into it, we all loved and enjoyed the whole experience. In other words, it was the definition of a perfect day.


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