Young Writer Competition 2nd runner up.Fatuma Ali Mada, age 10, wrote an amazing story and won a 3rd place in our Young Writers Competition.

Once there was a house nearby a forest. Then the forest had many animals in it. The house was full of people. The children did not go out to play because they were frightend to been eaten by the giants and the other animals.

One day the three hunters went to hunt. They hunted for a long time without getting anything. The three hunters got so angry. Then they saw a tree which was full of fruits. When they wanted the pick the fruits.

The fruits were so hard to been picked. When one hunter wanted to look for his knife he noticed that it was not there. Suddenly they heard a sound ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. They looked behind and they saw a giant. The three hunters wanted to run but the giant was to fast. The three hunters were locked in the big hut.

The huge giant was so happy. He knew that he was going to eat a great supper. The three hunters were thinking the way they would get out of the big hut.

The giant went into the big hut and asked the three hunters do you know this forest belongs to me. So the fruits belong to me. Why did you wanted to eat my fruits and that so I will eat you all. The three hunters were so frightened. The said “please forgive us.” The giant “I will not forgive you”

One of the hunters went to hide under the giants bed. The two hunters did not see their friend. They wanted to open the door but it was not easy to open it. They ran around the big hut.

The two hunters were caught at last. He started to eat one of the hunters but he was not satisfied. He ate the second hunter. I could not eat the two hunters before I could ask them where is their friend.

The hunter who had hide under the bed got out and started to fighting with the giant. Then he killed the giant using his spears and arrows. Then he ran away. The other people asked the hunter where is your friends. He explained everything and the people were happy because the giant had died.

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