“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

We work with Kenyan communities empowering them to operate Libraries and Learning Centres and engage volunteers, librarians and community children in a host of developmental activities.

Through partnerships we supply the contents of libraries to anywhere in Kenya.

Our book donation scheme allows Kenyan community libraries and schools to apply for a small number of books.


Community Engagement

Fundamental to our approach is the co-operation and full involvement of our local community partners. We start by identifying aspirational communities through engaging local groups and leaders to ensure we share a common vision.
The first practical step is to work together to establish a community playground which brings the children to an otherwise empty field.

On receipt of a shipping container with books and more sent from the UK, the community works with us to convert the container and contents into a library to be staffed and maintained by local volunteers once complete.


Arts and Crafts

We have prepared step by step manuals to cover 20 activities and provided each library with Craft Boxes containing all the material they need to carry out the task.

Activity Days

Our Multi-Activity Days are an excellent way of engaging children and adults alike who would otherwise shy away from reading. These happen at least twice a year and encourage a healthy competition between our existing libraries.

Young Writer Competition

We launched our Young Writer Competition back in 2017 and we will soon publish their very own work in ‘Our Growing Book of Stories’.

We have further plans to create a Young Writer Symposium where young writers will be able to benefit from professional advice.


Playgrounds are our first practical engagement with the Community and once established, we assess community engagement by monitoring playground usage and the community’s commitment to maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. A successful assessment paves the way to establishing their own Library and Learning Centre.


Collect In UK

Through donations we receive books and other selected items at our Hitchin warehouse. We aim to send 10 000 books per library with each 40ft shipping container to Kenya. On average we sent 40 000 books each year.


Ship Container to Kenya

We ship 40ft containers, laden with 40 000 books from the UK to Mombasa. It is then taken by road 30 km south to Ukunda. Once the books are offloaded, the container is converted into the Library and Learning Centre building.


Create Libraries and Learning Centres in Kenya

Our aim is to create one new Library and Learning Centre every year. The container that is shipped from the UK is converted by the partner community into the Library and Learning Centre and stocked with books, toys, furniture and other items.


Current Libraries and Learning Centres

We have libraries in: Dzunga Darad; Chidzangoni; Malalani; Shimba Hills; Mwaroni; and Kombani. With the next one planned for Msambweni.

Build Libraries with Others

We build libraries with other organisations helping them establish fully functional libraries.