what we do

Go to Collect in the UK

Collect in the UK

Books and more are collected in the UK and stacked into a 40ft shipping container.

Go to Create libraries in Kenya

Create libraries in Kenya

The shipped container is converted into a library in Kenya. At least one library every year.

Go to Community engagement

Community engagement

Ongoing engagement with the community in Kenya, including initial development of a playground, is key to the impact of our libraries.

Go to Impact on education

Impact on education

We have a measurable impact on the community commitment to, and achievement in, education.

Go to Building with others

Building with others

We are starting to build libraries on behalf of and with other organisations located throughout Kenya.

Our vision

Just be a Child, inspiring Kenyan children to read
Inspiration, knowledge and hope: a way out of poverty

We create and support Libraries & Learning Centres in poor but aspirational Kenyan communities,

and foster a culture of education and self-development,

because we believe that with inspiration, knowledge and hope every community can lead themselves out of poverty.

We aim to create at least one Library & Learning Centre every year. We also build libraries on behalf of other organisations and distribute books to applicants.

Each Library & Learning Centre contains 5,000 books, learning material, many toys and games and arts and crafts material.

Every Library & Learning Centre costs £15,000 and is made out of a converted shipping container.

  • We collect in excess of 10,000 books for readers of all ages. We also need toys, games, jigsaw puzzles, pencils and much more. Oh, some furniture is also needed.

  • We choose our community very carefully and with their help convert the 40ft container into a fully operational Library & Learning Centre. We also build libraries on behalf of other organisations.

  • We continue to be engaged with all our community partners through games, lessons, advice and assistance.

  • Our Libraries & Learning Centres, librarians and community teachers inspire children to learn by introducing interactive, inclusive and encouraging forms of education.

our impact

45,000 books

Since our first library in 2015 we shipped 45,000 books.

Each library gets to keep around 5,000 books. The rest gets distributed between near by schools, carefully selected orphanages and other projects, as well as hospitals.

355,000 children

Each book gets read by at least 5 children and each textbook gets used by around 12 students.

Plus our library membership of people aged 15 and over is 3,266.

3 libraries

Our first library was built in 2015 in Dzunga, Ukunda.

Our second library followed in 2016 in Chidzangoni, Ukunda.

Our third library in 2018 was built in Malalni, Ukunda.

Our satellite libraries are small shops whose owners agreed to lend books.

89 partner organisations

We have distributed books to:
71 schools
13 orphanages
5 hospitals and other institutions

Our partners are in almost every region of Kenya.

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