On the loading day – part 1

Donating time, books, money to form librariesMy eyes snapped open at 6am to a sound I was really hoping not to hear. Rain was coming down hard. My heart sank a bit as I drew the curtains open and saw the puddles in our garden. But anything can happen in 3 hours, so I tried to put the rain out of my mind while focusing on my breakfast.

Shortly before 8am we jumped into the car and drove to Dollimores where our stuff is stored. The guys were already moving their cars and lorries out of the way and bringing the forklift to where it needed to be.

Before too long the first of many volunteers starting arriving. First on ‘the scene’ were the ladies responsible for feeding the rest of us. In less than 10 minutes sausages started to sizzle and smell so deliciously that I forgot that I already had breakfast.

More volunteers and the only official arrived before 9am, but the container was nowhere to be seen. After numerous phone calls and some detective work we located the driver who for some inexplicable reason delivered the 40ft container to our cul-de-sac.

How did he manage to get in there remains a mystery to me. But while we waited we ate and we chatted but more importantly the sky cleared, and while still cold rain was well and truly gone.

When the container finally arrived 1 hour later we were all very relieved and extremely excited to get started. So as soon as it was possible and safe for us to wonder over where our stuff was waiting for us (the space is narrow and a bit tricky to reverse into) we were there.

James, Stuart and Nick from Dollimore and Christie assumed their position in the container and assisted by another 4 volunteers waited for the first boxes to reach them.

We had 2 20ft containers, 4 palettes and loads of stuff dotted around to load and I was very doubtful we will manager.

But we formed a ‘daisy’ chain and lighter boxes were passed from hand to hand. The heavier boxes were carried by the stronger volunteers directly to the container. The forklift was also used, but it still seemed ages before we filled in the first half.

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