A Hand-written letter from Kit, a 9-year old UK pupil


My name is Kit. My grandpa, Myles, told me about your charity and I thought it was a great idea to make libraries out of shipping containers.

I also recently watched a film called “the boy who harnessed the wind”. It is a true story about a Malawian boy called William Kamkamba who saved his family and village from drought and famine by reading physics books. He worked out how to pump water up from the ground to water crops. He has also done a TED talk about his experience.

I love to read and I think it is really important for everyone and so I wanted to support your charity.

My school does a Christmas fair every year and every child can nominate a charity to give money to. I gave a presentation to the school committee about “Just be a Child” and told them what you do.

The committee also thought “Just be a Child” was a great charity and I’m delighted to tell you that they’ve allocated £1,00 to give to you on the first of May.

I do hope this helps your cause, especially at this difficult time, and that you can continue your great work.

Best wishes,


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