Aisha didn’t take NO for an answer

Aisha's leaflet depicting exactly what JBAC doesAisha paid attention to all the details‘Do you have any leaflets I can use?’ Aisha, age 14 asked. ‘Not right now, I am sorry.’ I said ‘but we are working on them. Can you wait?’ I added.

But Aisha couldn’t wait. She was on a mission to raise some much needed funds for us. And she could only do that if she could show people what we do and give them something to take home.

So she sat down, studied our website, asked some really good questions and set out to create her own leaflet.

But did she stop there? Well, no. She also created a powerpoint presentation that she is going to use at her school assembly. You can take a look at how much work Aisha put in by viewing her presentation titled ‘Just Be a Child. A charity importing books to Kenya and building libraries.

We are both very grateful and very proud of her work. Well done Aisha.

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