‘What I’ve learnt since 2013’ by Jay

The beginning was the hardest. In time, through mistakes and several retries I learned. In time, things became easier and though still faced with challenges it’s nothing compared to when I started. The year was 2013 and ‘Just Be a Child’ had just been conceived. Under the leadership of Dr. Lenka I didn’t really know Read more about ‘What I’ve learnt since 2013’ by Jay[…]

‘Libraries change communities’ says Salim

Salim, the senior librarian at Chidzangoni, our second library, said that the library and the playground changed the entire community. He went on to say that ‘the library gives the children somewhere to go, something to do and the parents say the children learn better too.’ The whole community benefits as the parents know where Read more about ‘Libraries change communities’ says Salim[…]

What does Jay think about collaboration?

When people come together to join forces or assist each other and create productive relationships then the possibilities are endless.  It’s even more so when more groups come together for a common purpose. These are what I like to call ‘the joys of multiple relationships’. We recently received an unexpected guest at our Dzunga playground. Read more about What does Jay think about collaboration?[…]

‘JBAC’s libraries and the joy they bring’, by Ann our long-term volunteer

“Momma Anna, Momma Anna” greets me as I turn up on a boda boda at Dzunga library. This greeting has evolved over time!  The children can’t wait to see what crafts I have and occasionally sweets or biscuits  (They never ask!). The children thoroughly enjoy reading and for someone to listen to them read, and being Read more about ‘JBAC’s libraries and the joy they bring’, by Ann our long-term volunteer[…]

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