April 11, 2017

What People Say – Kenya

Transformative by reading, learning, imagining We strongly believe our charity is a transformative one for the villages and communities we become involved with, and it has had a very positive response from the communities themselves.

Here are a selection of their comments:

“I have never seen so many books.” Marietta, age 12

“This is my first time holding a book.” Juma, age 25

“The library helped me get better at school.” Aisha, age 16

“I like to play. I like all the toys.” Sule, age 5

“I became a librarian. My English is better now. I read to the children.’ Haji, age 32

“It’s great to have somewhere to do my homeworks.” Elizabeth, age 13

“The children’s schoolwork is so much better now. The library is really helping.” Teacher of Little Moon School

“I like to use library because i like having fun with children like taught them to read and telling them stories of books. My favourite story which i like to read to children is winne the pooh and also the why micky mouse  thts call like now i feeling good because the cgp and gcse books bcoz they really helping me litle in my school but there is different with sillabus but some few  topic which are relating  my book which iever read is illustrud science encyclopedia yes there is paperss now we are having fun  with children hve a nice time” Omari, 15

“I like to read to others and especially to momma Ann. She likes the crafts because she gets to do things she has never done before. Her English is improving, even her teacher says so.” Shaline Atieno, 13

“I like to read and listen to stories. I like the different things we do at arts and crafts. Today we made paperchains. Teacher says my performance has improved. It is good to do things that we don’t do at school.” Philgon, 10

“I like to volunteer to read to other children. I think my school performance has inproved because of that and my teacher says it has.” Faith, 13

“I like Ann and Mesaidi to listen to me read. The other children also listen. I like craft Saturdays where we do different things. My teacher says my work has improved because of the books.” Christabel, 11

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