April 11, 2017

What People Say – UK

Eco warriors handing over their unneeded textbooks

“I have to say I do admire what you are achieving and it’s  so refreshing to engage with someone brimming with ideas and enthusiasm.” Bedford Writing Competition

‘Fantastic way of making use of the spare books and textbooks, while giving others the opportunity to read. What could be better?’ Steph our regular book donor summarised our work perfectly.

Here is a selection of comments from those who have helped us:

“As a football club we welcomed the chance to help kids in Kenya. It is great to see how caring our own children are given the opportunity.” Knebworth Football Club

“We get so many books donated to our store, but unfortunately we cannot sell them all. People don’t buy books very much any more. It’s great that we can ship them to Kenya and know that they will be used, rather than sending them to a landfill.” Oxfam Books Shop

“Our Eco Worriers are very passionate about making sure our school is as environmentally friendly as possible. When they were asked to come up with a solution for dealing with our old textbooks they came up with the fantastic idea of donating them to schools abroad. Just be a Child was the only charity we could find that would take our books.” Trotts Hill Primary School

“Destroying books is wrong. But what can we do with them? Donating them to charity that you know is going to do something worthwhile with them is the perfect solution.” Resident

“We encourage our children to donate their unwanted books and in turn we get very inspiring talks about life in Kenya. We can see how our books help children and adults there to better their lives.” Highfield School

Our work is also regularly reported in the Stevenage Comet (one example) and by Bob FM.

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