What does Jay think about collaboration?

Together we are reaching more and more peopleWhen people come together to join forces or assist each other and create productive relationships then the possibilities are endless.  It’s even more so when more groups come together for a common purpose. These are what I like to call ‘the joys of multiple relationships’.

We recently received an unexpected guest at our Dzunga playground. Volunteers from MARAFIKI COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL blessed us with a visit. Their main agenda was to repaint the Dzunga playground. They repainted the swings, monkey bars, slide and even the soccer goal posts.

Today we ask our readers to join us in celebrating Marafiki Community Organization for their incredible work. Their kindness knows no boundaries. We also call upon any other charities out there that would like to join us. Kindly do contact us directly at info@justbeachild.com and together we will work out a way to help our communities. To read more about Marafiki International do visit their website at www.marafikicommunity.org

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