On the Day of Loading – part 2

Donating time, helping communities get their own library1,000 boxes, bags and parcels passed through the hands of 32 volunteers. An amazing number of kind soles, making this year’s loading much easier task (last time we did this we had 6 people…)

52,164 individual items weighing 15,110kg are now on the way to Kenya. From the staggering amount, 30,630 (yes we counted them all) are books:

  • 14,252 textbooks
  • 9,412 children books
  • 4,122 adult books
  • 2,844 references

The first container in 2015 had 7,000 books. The one in 2016 13,000 and now, almost 31,000. That is just unbelievable.

The Dollimore boys handled every box, every piece of furniture and overstuffed bags. The volunteers kept up the pace and in 2 hours and 43 minutes we couldn’t fit in anything else.

At one point we thought we will need to leave a load of stuff behind, but somehow we loaded it all. And had to get some books from our deeper than deep storage.

In the end the sun was up, we were exhausted but happy and our pleased to say that only one person ended up slightly injured. At 1pm it was time for us to retire to the nearest pub and get ready for the second leg – Kenya.

The container will travel 35 days and we will be there to meet it.

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