Our winning story for the under 15teens

Winning story under 15A frightening Boat Ride

By Binti Rashid, age 11

‘My father ways we can go on a boat ride after breakfast’ said my cousin excitedly as she bust into my room. ‘A boat ride?’ I quickly asked, not wanting her to sense my fear. ‘Yes father has hired a motorboat. We can ride far into the sea.’ She said.

Two hours later we were at the beach. ‘Here is our boat’ I heard my uncle say. He helped us into the boat and we sat down. As we started the ride, the sea was calm. It was a sunny day and we enjoyed the ride. The seashore was now far behind us. We looked into the horizon and wondered what was out there.

‘A starfish! A starfish!’ shouted my cousin, pointing at some star-shaped creature in the water. It was exciting! There were all kinds of fish – red ones, golden ones and green ones. They came very close to the boat. I watched them and forgot all my fears. We would have continued watching the fish but something happened. A strong wind started blowing.

‘It’s going to rain. We had better head back.’ Said my uncle. By now huge waves had started hitting our boat. What had seemed like a very calm sea was now rough and unfriendly. The boat captain tried to start the engine and a red light showed. He tried again but no luck. The engine was dead.

‘Oh dear! I think we have run out of fuel’ he said suddenly. ‘What? Fuel? Then turn back. Let us get back to the shore at once!’ thundered my uncle. ‘We cannot get to the shore’ said the boat captain as he tried to call his colleagues over the radio. Our boat was tossed in the waves and some water started coming into the boat. We seemed to be drifting farther and farther away from the shore. ‘Quick! Take these tins and start scooping out the water.’ Said my uncle.

He gave us the tins. My cousin was shaking like a leaf. I was too scared to do anything. Uncle started filling the cans with water. The boat captain also tried to help, but things soon got worse. Heavy rain started to fall. The boat was filling with water very fast. My uncle and the boat captain continued to empty water from the boat. We were now soaking wet. We huddled together in a corner afraid that the worst would happen. We were living our last day! ‘A boat! A boat is coming!’ shouted the boat captain, pointing at a boat in the distance.

He stood up and waved at the other boat. It turned out that they were coming for us. They had received our distress call. What a relief! Hours later, we were home. Sitting by the fireside we laughed as we remembered how each of us had got so frightened.

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