April 11, 2017

Our People

Local volunteers coming to lend a handSince our very first day in 2013 we were lucky and fortunate to be supported by some wonderful people and organisations. Both in the UK and Kenya.

Our very first library in 2015 almost didn’t happen, but then along came Friends of Kianjai Kenya who took over half of the shipping costs and between an anonymous donor, Stevenage Packaging and Consulting Consortium we’ve managed to raise the rest. Literally two weeks before we had to call the whole thing off.

We’ve managed the process better since, but that’s only possible because of your help. And we thank you for that.

In Kenya, our community partners are growing and our long term volunteers are many. Without them the libraries would not have thrived and flourished and the children would not have the chance to learn and laugh. And we thank you for that too.

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