April 11, 2017


Our people are at the heart of what we do.

With their dedication, the help of our partner organisations, and your donations, we can truly inspire the children and communities in impoverished areas in Kenya.

Saturday Club-er

Maureen gets stuck in whatever the weather.

Saturday Club-er
Alzbeta is a special needs teacher who likes to help where help is genuinely needed.
Saturday Club-er
Krishna is amazingly level-headed and when she gets stuck in a task she gets it done. Fast.
Saturday Club-er
Anna is our South African member who really appreciates the need for books in Africa.
Saturday Club-er
Anne has some excellent ideas and very kindly opened her home to us every Saturday we need.
Saturday Club-er
Joan brings calm to our Saturdays and works with dedication and precision, not to mention tirelessly.
Saturday Club-er
Barbara loves books. On our Saturday Club day she is the one with pen, paper, tape and labels making sure everything is logged, secured, categorized and (hopefully) correct.
Saturday Club-er
Lynn is a 'crafter' and has some great ideas. We are all learning simple but effective crafts which will make up our 'craft boxes'.
Saturday Club
Every first Saturday of every month a group of volunteers meet to get our next shipment ready.
The Welder
Juma is always happy to help. His work is professional and not even Ramadan prevents him from lending a helping hand.
The teacher
Ann almost lives in Kenya. She has our children's interest at heart and is the sole driving force behind our Arts and Crafts days.
The Librarian (Dzunga)
Omari is only 15 but is our most dedicated Librarians. He makes sure our Dzunga library is opened when it should be.
The Longest Volunteer (Kenya)
Rose has been with us since the very beginning and helps where she can.
The Community
There are just too many people to list, but we need them all.
The Volunteer (UK)
Scott's amazing attention to detail ensures that we get things right. Well, mostly.
The Shoemaker
Haji helps us when we need him, while running our first satellite library from his shoe shop.
The Community
Our first community partner. Together we've perfected our approach.
The Chair (Chidzangoni)
Salim runs our second library and organises the volunteer librarians.
The Librarian (Chidzangoni)
Rama gental ways encourage the children to come and read, learn and play.
Jim joined us recently and has been helping with the new website - without him it wouldn't look anything like this.
Book Donors
Everyone and there are so many of you who ever donated books. You are our greatest supporters.
The Fixer
Jay is our go-to-guy. The one who finds our new community partners.
The Trustee (Kenya)
Aisha has some secret powers. She gets things done when no one else can.
The Trustee (Kenya)
Yusuf helped form the Kenyan side of JBAC. He takes us where we need to go.
The Founding Member
Di has ensured that JBAC as a brand stands out. Without her we wouldn't be here.
The Founding Member
Lenka loves books and studying and that was the driving force behind JBAC.

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