April 18, 2017

Ann in Kenya

Ann working with Dzunga children

Ann visits Dzunga library every Saturday and Chidzangoni as and when she can. She spends her free time in the week planning, preparing and organising Saturday’s arts and crafts’ sessions and also finds the time to come and listen to the children read.

Her arts and crafts days have grown from 5 or 6 children to well over 30. The children chant Ann’s name and always look forward to spending time with her.

Her enthusiasm, love and care for the children and the way they respond to her inspired some young Kenyans to take over the lessons when Ann visits home, the UK. She trained five girls and boys to become our community teachers. Adults help and engage in the fun, but they need a little more time to really get into it.

Her patience and attentiveness when children read to her ensured that not only do the children enjoy reading out load but they also get much better at it, much faster then they would normally.

Ann is a very wonderful and kind lady without whom our arts and crafts sessions would never been as successful as they are now.

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