June 3, 2018

Container Loading Crew

Container Loading Crew

Every time the time comes to send a container to Kenya we relay on people willing to give up their time and get ‘loading’ – our ‘Container Loading Crew’.

The day is always full of anticipation – will the container arrive on time? Will it all fit in? Will we make it in the 3 hours? and those are just a few questions that run through, at least my head.

But one look at the assembled crew answers some of those questions and yes, of course, we will make it, because we just have to.

This year (2018) 32 volunteers came to help, some Saturday Clubbers, some their other halves, but some completely new faces. Dollimore and Christie, as always done us proud.

We had some food and drink on the day. We worked hard. But we had fun. And we walked away with a sense of job well done.

Come and join us next time if you can. We would love to have you.

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