Salim, a local hero

“From great power, comes great responsibility.” Inspirational words that in the past used to remind me of a super hero move. However for the past year and a half up to this particular moment in time one name comes to mind, Salim Vumbi.

Senior librarian at the Chidzangoni Community Library and a community figure. Salim volunteers in more areas than the library. He has continued several other projects within the community such as jiggers treatment day once per week and the introduction of quiz days in the Chidzangoni library.

The ‘Quiz Day’ is an initiation started by Salim, to test groups of older children on books they read. There are also quiz books at the library that have answers at the back. He collects them together and once per week he holds the quiz day in the library. On Thursdays, he does the jigger treatment, a project started by Ann Capes. He also works closely with five teachers from three different schools on using the library for class purposes.

A challenge he faces as a librarian are the huge number of library users that depend on him. “It’s overwhelming at times, but I like to be of service. Besides, there is always another librarian with me at a time”, Salim told me in an interview. At times books are not returned in time and he has to chase after them. These are the most common challenges he faces.

Dedicated to his community, he embraces voluntary practices that bring about community growth. Most of the community members look up to him. A natural leader who is committed in every way that counts.

By Jay

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