Short story on how we benefit from library brought by JBAC – written by Chidzangoni Community

We received our community library in August 2016, our village was very quite before and now is very busy and active.

Before this project, our children were idle especially when the schools were closed during the holidays. But since we have this library, things have changed. I am speaking this through experience. I have a number of children who are now speaking proper English and this is because they regularly come to the library reading books. The library has more than books, we also have craft sessions, toys and space to work – this keeps the children busy also. There grades are much improved across all subjects.

The community as a whole also benefits a lot, not only the children. It’s because of this project we received an Early Childhood Development school from the County Government which is extremely important to us.

Since 2016 a number of other donors became interested with the community. For example, two families are receiving help with their children school fees and young babies care.

Following a dialogue led by Ann, JBAC volunteer, we now have regular health clinics held in our village. We treat scabies and other skin diseases with Neema Oil, a local herbal medicine donated to us.

Our football team received two sets of uniforms this year, also through JBAC.

I am not able to list everything, but we all benefit from the library more than we have expected.  We hope many good things are still on their way, but we now try and achieve them ourselves.

On behalf of Chidzangoni Community, we thank JBAC and promise to all do our best to assist the organisation.

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