The Winning Story for over 15teens – 2019

Winner of over 15The Inside Story

By Ahada Mohamed, age 16

Rama is a young man from the village who lived with his uncle in the city where he had come to look for a job. Although Rama lived with his uncle but he really had a hard time with the uncle’s wife. She was very harsh and cruel to him and perhaps she did not like him in her house. The saying that says life is a bed of roses was not real to Rama. He had a very hard time as a job seeker too. He had visited many offices in a bid to secure any form of employment but his attempts had been futile.

One day Rama was kicked out the house by his uncle’s wife. Back at home in the village they were in a very bad status. He did not own even a small hat so he decided to stay in the city and do manual work. He went to one of his old friends in the city who welcomed him warmly and offered him to stay with him as he went about looking for employment.

Finally, one day Rama got good news that he had been short-listed for an interview at Ikora Limited. The young man went to try his luck and it seemed that god showed blessings on him that day. He was lucky to get a job as an accountant just because the boss (Malova) had liked him.

For the first few years of employment everything went smoothly and Rama did his job with lots of commitment and vigour. He was an excellent and reliable accountant and the boss liked him so much. Malova termed him as the best worker. He could always give an example of reliable worker in reference to Rama.

One of the fine days Malova employed a young and beautiful secretary (Mishy) in the company. She was young and attractive such that Malova started eying her secretly. Rama’s eyes were always on Mishy and the same to her, they started friendship bit by bit and later on they became lovers.

All that happened behind Malova’s back and the day the big secret was out he could not believe his ears. He got mad to know that the girl he had been prying on was in the trap of one of his workers. He did not like the love triangle and so he decided to fire Rama, all in the name of love.

Rama’s life started changing slowly by slowly and he became the same Rama he was a couple of years back. Life in the city without a job was unbearable so he started to live a criminal live. He became a bad one all in the name of money and this led to his jail live.

In jail Rama cursed the day he was born, he really experienced the hardest moments in life. The worst thing that made him to give up in life is that he was sexually abused. With this he saw no future on him and he decided to commit suicide and that was the end of him.

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