‘What I’ve learnt since 2013’ by Jay

Jay looking back 5 yearsThe beginning was the hardest. In time, through mistakes and several retries I learned. In time, things became easier and though still faced with challenges it’s nothing compared to when I started.

The year was 2013 and ‘Just Be a Child’ had just been conceived. Under the leadership of Dr. Lenka I didn’t really know how to accomplish half the tasks that were required of me. Where there is a will, there is a way is the code that I try to live by.

As time progressed, the charity became more popular amongst the community. We were doing some projects that were nonexistent in my community. Construction of libraries and playgrounds were our major point of focus. As the charity’s popularity grew, so did my experiences with working with the community. I learned the concepts of charity and the joys of doing for those who can’t do for themselves. Providing what is lacking yet desperately needed. That was and still is the materials necessary for a better education.

At first, we created the playgrounds and Dr. Lenka practically held my hand during the planning process. Strategic thinking wasn’t my strong suite. With a background of working with diverse cultures and projects of different magnitudes, Dr. Lenka played a major role in mentoring me. With her help I was able to find my way around problems. Through this I found my calling and my purpose. I learned that through charity works I was able to get in touch with my inner self. Realize that it’s happier to give than to receive and that made me happy as a person.

It’s been five years down the road, and we have done over six major projects. We still aspire to do more. I hope to keep learning and put what I acquire to practice. This is by far my best way of learning and realizing my true potential.

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