April 11, 2017

What We Do

Our work: we read, we listen and we engage with the children.

For us it’s all about working together. Learning from each other. Helping to create inspiring project leading to community empowerment.

We work with communities, in the UK and in Kenya. In the UK we encourage schools, companies, groups and individuals to find a new home for their unwanted items like books, toys and stationery. We also create volunteering opportunities for individuals of all ages and organisations. We are vey much focussed on creating possibilities for young people to engage in creative and meaningful activities that support and aid our work in Kenya.

In Kenya we select our partner communities at least 12 months before the main element of our engagement: the Library and Learning Centre construction. We do so by applying our own rigorous 12-point selection criteria.

From this point on we talk, we engage and we observe our new partner community. Six months later we build a simple playground. Another 2 months after that we organise cross-libraries sports competition. Both of these activities ensure that the new partner gets to experience what working with us is really like.

After a successful observation period we build the Library and Learning Centre, which the local community is tasked with taking care of.

But we do not stop there, we create a host of activities that the communities can take part in. We have our ever-popular arts and crafts activities, Young Writer competition, more sports days, reading activities, play times and training sessions for young adults. So, as you can see our support for each of our community partners never stops.

If you live in Kenya, but near our existing Libraries and Learning Centres, you can apply for books by filling in our application form.

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