March 24, 2018

Writing Competitions

Creative writing competition give young writers reason to write


Creative writing is an excellent form of expression. But it takes careful nurturing of talent. It takes dedication. And it takes bravery to allow others to read what you’ve wrote.

From 2 stories in 2017 our Young Writers competition grew to 11 in the space of 9 months. In 2018 we received 41 stories and decided to create two age groups for entries. We make sure we reward everyone who wrote a story and take our time when deliberating over the winner: considering their age, the language, the flow of the story and of course the whole feel of it too.

We know from experience that writing a good story needs a bit of thinking through. We also know that our children need a bit of help. And so we have developed a guide which helps our librarians guide our Young Writers, and it helps our Young Writers to improve. Surprisingly many teachers also use our guide to help them deliver better lessons.

We are continuing to work with our young writers and will soon publish their very own work in ‘Our Growing Book of Stories’. So watch this space.

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