September 24, 2018

Build Libraries with Others

Libraries in other locationsPartnerships – that’s what we want to achieve.

We are beginning to explore the opportunities to build libraries with other organisations. We would like to help organisations with headquarters in the UK and in Kenya to establish fully functional libraries. And we would like to do so because:

  • It will help us achieve our own objective of inspiring Kenyan children to read;
  • It will utilise our shipment better;
  • It will help others establish libraries that we know work well; and
  • It will bring books to much wider audience in many more regions.

If you are a charity, school or an orphanage with headquarters in the UK or in Kenya and you would like to work with us on building a library in your community please review the Expression of Interest and email us.

For those communities that would like books but have no funds or space to build a library, please apply for our books donation programme by filling in this Books donation to Kenyan Projects form. Thanks.

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