April 3, 2018

Diani and Ukunda

Diani is a spectacular location in Kenya. Perhaps the most breathtaking, idilic and relaxing. The miles and miles (6 miles to be precise) of white sparkling sand, gentle and warm Indian ocean and countless beach-front bars and restaurant make Diani the perfect place for holiday makers.

Unsurprisingly, this is where many hotels ranging from simple backpackers accommodation to 5-star hotels and spars can be found. Here are just a selection: Morning Star Diani; Southern Palms Beach Resort; Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa; Diani Reef Resort and Spa; Diani Backpackers; Leopard Beach Resort and Spa; and Bahari Dhow Villas our favourite spot for relaxing.

Diani is also close to some wonderful safaris, island visits and hills exploration. The most popular Safari trip is to Tsavo East and Vasini Island and snorkelling at Kisite Marine Park, Shimba Hills and Funsi Island. The nearest airport is in Ukunda, but the larger one is in Mombasa.

All this tourist trade is fuelled and supported by the people living in Diani and Ukunda and they must therefore be smart, educated and fluent in many languages. Besides the wonderful and magical place, we saw how much books can help improve the chances of the children to find employment when the time comes.

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