April 11, 2017

Current Libraries

Ukunda is the home of our libraries. For now.

Our first two libraries are located in Ukunda. First in Dzunga, the second in Chidzangoni. Our third library is all but ready to go. It will be in Malalani and preparations are in full swing. Our next library is being built in Shimba Hills, Ukunda and two others in Homa Bay County.

Ukunda is the size of a medium sized town with relatively good infrastructure on the main streets frequently visited by tourists, but a lot less developed in the inner-villages. The reason why we refer to them as villages is because Ukunda/Diani grew up from individual settlements created by migrant workers arriving to the South Coast because of the, then, flourishing tourist trade.

We anticipate that Ukunda has plenty of locations to accommodate 10 libraries, which is our target number to establish before taking our model to different locations and who knows, countries.

If you are an organisation, library, school or orphanage from other locations in Kenya and you’d like to receive books as a donation, please fill in the form and return it to us. We will consider your request and inform you of our decision.

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