April 11, 2017


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Chidzangoni was selected with the help of local leaders and the community responded with an amazing level of enthusiasm. Yet again however our flexibility was tested: the access road was dug out by the local council mere days before our project and our lorry got stuck over and over; the strongest chains we could find turned out not to be so strong; and the front loader we used for off-loading was almost as difficult as the Dzunga technique of tying to a tree (see our YouTube video).

The library opened in September 2016 and the children in Chidzangoni are learning to develop their love for reading. They are also natural at playing with all the toys.

The community donated books to seventeen local schools, community groups and orphanages.

Due to some unexpected time constraints the library was built before the playground, which we are aiming to have complete by early 2018.

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