January 6, 2018


Malalani's official openingThe third library saw some of our personal records broken as we managed to:

  • Get the largest number of volunteers to help on the loading day;
  • Sent 30,000 books;
  • Clear the container from customs in 11 working days;
  • Offload the container from the lorry in less than an hour;
  • Paint it inside and out in 1 day; and
  • Complete the entire conversion in 16 days.

But we have also experienced some very tough times:

  • The container delivery to the Kenyan docks was delayed by 2 weeks;
  • The customs were reluctant to release our container for reasons unknown to us.
  • It rained almost constantly; and
  • Our UK volunteers mostly missed out on the library construction.

OK, so still working on editing the photos, but the video is now ready. Watch, enjoy, share and comment.

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